Mission + Litos + Vision

Standing out,
rising above,
a different positioning.
Providing a benchmark
example for the sector.

This is the mission
at the origin of Litos,
backed by
the professional experience
of its parent companies.

The sum
of principles and philosophies
that merge to generate
a company for today.

A business that
dialogues in today’s language
and explores
modern frontiers:
aware, sustainable.
Tomorrow, now.

Litos is la Cittadina, Tipografia Camuna,
155 years of history and awards.
Plus much more.

Looking beyond the horizons of avant-garde processes
where a desire to satisfy combines with
creativity and action.

The virtuous cycle of Litos
is centred on a well-balanced
suite of cutting-edge services,
that benefit all, and our clients especially.
Perfect synergy, for the common good.