Casket composed of book printed in three-tone black book printed in three-tone black bound with built-in wire with live cutting with a 2 mm fiber-reinforced cardboard cover with center pocket and photographic image application, with black canvas [...]


Sturdy cardboard case 400 g made of bottom + self-sealing cover, pearly varnished, die-cut and application of thermocouple plat with glossy gold-plated and glued to the center, complete with four-color process printed internal cards + pearl [...]


White vegetable cardboard case 2 mm, coated with unprinted opaque plastified paper. Silver thermo-impression on the top, with jar pot adapter glued to the bottom and calamitated closure.


Container consisting of bottom and lid with spacer core, in 2.5 mm Dutch paperboard, embossed outside and inside in Imitlin black cloth with bronze thermo-impression and Sirio pearl copperplate coated core.


Stuffed cardboard cases, printed in four-color process, punched and glued or with self-contained packaging, with finishing in mat plastic, glossy plastic, soft-touch plastic, gold and silver thermo impression, U.V. serigraphic painting, dry pad.


Brochures-Menu Interior printed in four-color process + acrylic paint on X-For 250 g. Cover in Yellow Syrus 290 g dry, with application of plated plain printed in four-color process + UV serigraphic painting on the [...]


Photobook Wire binder refinement at bodoniana. 3 mm cardboard cover printed in serigraphy, with craft in the center with application of soft-touch plasticized photo card.

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